About Matthew Zepp

i find myself pushing the boundaries throughout my work.  success is not found in following the status quo, only those who challenge make discoveries.  it is my belief that exploratory fields and connections to the natural environment yield the best concepts of architecture.  

     this philosophy regarding the potential within architecture led to my interest in the psychology of space and how an architect can mold the way we interact with our surroundings.  the transmission to my work is manifested in many forms, but none more prominent than heightening the spaces in which chance encounters occur; which i believe is where the greatest discoveries and realizations are made.

     my arresting inquisitiveness and asking the "why?" questions as a child both guided and still to this day inspire me to constantly challenge traditional architecture convention.  i believe that unconventional or underlying and overlooked expressions in nature should guide my design; whether it be from something as micro as the cellular organization of plants in the forest or street vectors and pedestrian paths trans versing a city grid.